Release the Dork within you

4724 unique Dorkis exist and each one varies between rarity.

Dungeon & Dorki lore fact

A Dorki Story

Once upon a time, there was a dork by the online pseudonym fccview who made a tweet about wanting to create a fun project. Against all odds, a heroine called Tori got in touch via DM and, because fccview knew she had incredible artistic skills, he agreed right away.

Not long after, a coding prince called Frank also sent our dork a private message. He explained he had more than 20 years of coding experience. Which makes him the oldest dork in the team!

Some Dorkis

Dorkis are unique, each trait is hand drawn on paper, coloured and scanned. Dorkis are generated from almost 300 traits!

Some Goods

Kalan Bentobox


Milad Hawkins


Dismal Heck


Hyrum Cul-de-sac


Evil Dorkis

We have different collections. The evil Sikrod turned our beloved dorkis into evil monsters!

Some Evils

Icabod Picklesworth


Emma Portalgate


Divine Hopperbonk


Elvis Beeblebrox


Check out our roadmap

We value the quality of our work, and we layered out a nice plan for our holders!
This is approximately a 6 month plan, after which we will release a Roadmap 2.0!

Dungeon & Dorkis

Our amazing Dungeon Masters Tho Radia and SquigglyPixel are building a fantastic campaign for our holders. Dorkland's lore is fun, exuberant and surprisingly emotional!
The campaign will be on chain, tune in our discord for more info!

Release the dork within you


What are Dorkis?

Dorkis are 4724 randomly generated weirdos and oddballs with almost 300 traits that include: Hairstyles, eyes, arms, bodies and more! There are more than 330 trillion possible combinations! Each Dokis is unique and well named.

How are Dorkis made?

Dorky traits are hand-drawn on paper by artist Tori Batt. She uses coloured pencils and ballpoint pens to create each one. Then they are scanned and edited in photoshop for a perfect fit. Next, our tech wizard, Frank, built groundbreaking tools for assembling our random Dorkis.

What can I do with my Dorkis?

All Dorkis holders are non-exclusive licensees. This means you have full non-exclusive commercial right to use/monetize your Dorkis however you see fit. "Non-exclusive" means that We Are Dorkis also has the right to use your Dorkis in things such as marketing, merchandising, games and more.

Where can I find out more about We Are Dorkis?

Here are some useful links:

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